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“If it ain’t right, rip it out, and put it right.”  I can remember my foreman saying this in our kick off meeting with our install crew on the first project that I ever did as a start-up company.  I jumped into the HVAC business with an I.T. friend of mine after being in the commercial HVAC industry for 15 years.  It came about from the two of us looking Green Homearound and seeing that residential installs were done so poorly and inconsistently with really old technology.  My goal was to create a repeatable high-end product that would shock the market.  We called ourselves GreenHome with the hopes of being responsible to our neighbors and the environment.  A local custom home builder, Wilson Company, saw what we were doing and brought us on board as a member of their sub-contractor team.

I will never forget when we were doing a huge home on Adger Road in the Heathwood / Forest Acres community for Wilson Company.  We had just finished up and the woman who bought the home asked the home inspector if he thought the HVAC looked good under the home as she was curious because she had a friend who suffered through a lot of air quality problems.  The home inspector told her that it looked like a work of art under her home.  He said whoever installed that HVAC took the time to make it right in places that nearly no one will ever see.  If I didn’t need to pay folks, you could have had that one conversation be my payment in full.  That moment was the moment I realized why I was in this business.

My little HVAC company was later merged into this larger company, ASAP Heating & Air.  My crew and I came along with the deal and we have been slowly working with the team to change the culture.  It has been really tough but so rewarding to see the team catch the vision. As we have brought on more folks, we are seeing this shift in everyone including being more aware of what they are doing and why they are doing it.  It isn’t as much about the clocking-in and clocking-out as it is about seeing the real problems that people are facing and working to create a better solution.

One of our latest hires is an air quality expert.  His depth of knowledge in the field has been impressive and to see how the customers respond to the time and effort that he puts into evaluating a home has been so encouraging.  One of our latest offerings in bi-polar ionization has really been a favorite among our clients.  The ability to have fresh smelling air with dogs and a kitchen that people actually cook in has taken people’s anxieties away when inviting folks into their homes.  They don’t have to worry about it smelling like a kennel or a smoky diner that you rolled up to in the 80’s.

I’ll admit, we have had to rip out stuff and put it back right at our own expense and its really painful at times, but if we are putting our names behind it and our sweat into it, we want to see it be something we can be proud of.  Our goal is simple: “Quality. Quickly.”

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