High Waters is Not Just a Term for Pants

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With the flood in Columbia, South Carolina back in October of 2015, HVAC mechanical contractors along with general contractors had to get creative in building high-end homes that would meet a lot of the new guidelines from insurance companies so that premiums would not be astronomical.  With a high-end home you can’t just put one of the most expensive household items, your air conditioner, on cinder blocks and call it a day.  There needs to be some architectural thought behind it so that it not only serves a purpose but is also aesthetically appealing.

Working with a local contractor, The Wilson Company, ASAP Heating & Air developed a latticed solution that was not only pleasing to the eye, but also engineered to be efficient.  In this case we changed the airflow configuration from discharging horizontally to vertically.  We also opted to install internally-lined ductwork that could withstand the conditions.  Then the most important thing is that it is at the appropriate height to keep the insurance company happy so that the homeowner premiums are at reasonable levels.Hi Waters

An added bonus, the underneath portion can act as a small storage shed for lawn tools and whatnots.  This turned out to be a fun project that we have since replicated at other homes.

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