“It’s Not Easy Being Green” – Kermit the Frog


This article discusses energy efficiency with common sense. Staying on a budget while being a good steward of your environment.

We culturally have this strange expectation when a company chooses to call themselves “green”. It’s as if everyone in the company’s office eats tofu, goes to the loo in a composting toilet, only charges their phones and laptops with solar panels, and uses phrases like, “as it were.”

The flip side is you have companies that jump on the band wagon of green and start talking solar, geo-thermal, high-efficiency this and that.  You then find that they don’t know Manual D Duct Systems and little important things like static pressure and pump or fan affinity laws, never heard of the Montreal Protocol, and wouldn’t know an Ashrae standard if it hit them in the face.  Then hard working folks buy-in without having a clue what the actual payback is of what they just purchased, and by the way, the home they are heating and cooling still has an R-value of 5 (that isn’t very good).  Why not look at the whole picture?  Why not spend $800 in lieu of $8,000 to get the same energy bill savings?

My goal with our little company is to break that mold, to educate people on how to use what they have, more efficiently, and to be better stewards of their local environment.  ASAP Heating & Air is set-up to provide engineered solutions that fit our customer’s budgets.  Sometimes that budget is a 15 SEER unit with appropriately sized duct work based on the static capabilities of the selected unit.  Sometimes it is ductless splits or geothermal.  Sometimes it’s an air-cooled chiller that runs off solar and has the ability to cool and provide hot water via the rejection of the heat exchanger.  Then sometimes it’s changing a filter, cleaning a coil, and installing a thermostat that you can program to setback during unoccupied times. ASAP Heating and Air can do it all, but it has some sense in understanding order of magnitude.

Because we live in South Carolina, and our dollars per kW are so low, you can get to a point to where installing several thousands of dollars of equipment can only save you $20 per month. Can you imagine running the life cycle cost of some of the systems and having to tell the client that the payback is 20 years and by the way, the stuff breaks in 10 years 74% of the time?

We are proud to refuse to be in the mold of everyone else. We are green with common sense.

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