Should I Purchase Annual Preventative Maintenance For My HVAC?

Old Packaged HVAC Unit

We lost a dear family friend a few weeks ago.  It was our downstairs HVAC unit, and we loved it.  Spend a summer in Columbia, South Carolina, and you will develop a love for your HVAC unit.  In any event, though it was a loss, it wasn’t what you’d call tragic.  You see, our unit was 15 years old.  The average life expectancy of a HVAC unit is only about 7 years, so ours literally crushed the law of averages!  15 years?  Converting to human years would make our faithful little unit about 170 years old and certainly begs the question, “How did it last so long?”  Was it just a great day at the factory when our unit was produced?  Did the assembly line just happen to be humming in perfect rhythm as the component parts of our unit were attached one-by-one?  Was it an unusual Providence that kept it operating almost flawlessly all these years?  Certainly, there’s the likelihood of all of those, but I think the major contributing factor was that twice a year, every year of its life, we had our HVAC technician perform a routine preventative maintenance (PM) on our unit.  Those regular “pulse checks” helped identify minor system issues that could easily and inexpensively be remediated before they became major issues.  Spending a little on those check-ups helped us avoid spending a lot and was, I believe, the primary reason our unit was able to give us the long and cost-efficient service it did.

ASAP’s preventative maintenance programs are designed to help your system beat the “law of averages” too.  Give us a call today to schedule a check-up for your “family friend”!

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