When the mold showed up


I feel like just about everyone in the Columbia, Lexington, Chapin, Irmo and the surrounding areas could write a blog with the opening sentence, “it was a cold and rainy night, when the mold showed up”.  2018 seems to be this rainy season that won’t end.  Though your binge watching of Netflix should significantly increase, your awareness of mold should also increase in these conditions.

When your HVAC is running in cooling mode, it pulls out the grains of moisture in the air, condenses on the air handler coil and is removed from your house via a condensate drain.  When your home is in the heating season and your not removing moisture from the air, or better put, not treating the air, you are creating a petri dish for mold growth. 

Simple solutions include, allowing your home to heat up and then setting a time for the air to run on cooling mode, allowing the humidity to drop.  I do this at my own home from time to time because it just feel like your wearing a damp blanket in the house .  I took some screen shots of before and after at my house while doing this very thing.  Notice dropping the temperature in my home by 3 degrees dropped the humidity by 8% and it feels so much nicer.

A fairly inexpensive alternative would be to install a UV light at the evaporator coil.  This will act like the sun and kill the mold spores as they pass through the unit in heating or cooling.  Your HVAC service provider can install this, but just make sure they are qualified like ASAP.  If done improperly, it can simply not be effective or worse, can damage the coil causing premature failure.Thermostat at 68 degrees

There is also the option of a dehumidifier that we can install in line with your home AC unit.  This is a great solution and is wonderful to have during these times and in the swing months of the year.  This is the costlier solution and will require annual maintenance, just like your HVAC unit, but will give you years of very comfortable living.

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